Analysis of Album Artwork

Before progressing onto my print work I looked at artwork from various albums. From looking at these albums from a variety of bands I can see that there are conventional styles used throughout. All album covers use the same "grungey" background with an image of the band/band member. The use of the background is to suggest what type of music it is. You automatically associate rock music with dirtiness and grunge. This is reinforced with the use of the similar font styles on the Theory of a deadman and the Nickleback albums. As for the Hinder album it shows the band wearing sunglasses with a more "fashionable" font, it looks slick and suggests that this band isnt grungey, however, the mise en scene of the cover suggest otherwise. One of the band members is wearing ripped jeans and they are all posed in a stance which suggests they are very independant people. This contrasts with the font style but this is the only example I could find of where this occurs.

Despite the previous facts the main conventions still include a simple background, with an image of the band/band member and a font style which suits the genre of music. I will be following these conventions as i believe it will appeal to my target audience more.

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