Year 12 summary

Practical production in Year 12 allowed me to learn about camera angles, shot selection, framing, photography and team management. Learning about camera angles, shot selection and framing was important to both the Year 12 project and my current project. For Year 12 I was to create a music magazine containing a front cover, a contents page and at least a double page spread. The vast use of camera work in the Year 12 project allowed me gain experience for my current project. I needed to take pictures of a model for my front cover and double page spread so I analysed other music magazines and media conventions. Camera angles were important to create a persuasive image for the front cover of the magazine to attract an audience. I will be building on my photography skills using shot selection and framing in the creation of a music video. As for team management it was important that there was a deadline as to when we would be using the cameras, how we would be doing it, and who would be taking the pictures/modelling. This involved working as part of a team to ensure the deadline was met and it also helped to gather a range of new ideas.

I also aim to be developing my photoshop skills as part of the brief this year is to deign and create a poster to advertise the final project. With little experience at the beginning of Year 12 in photoshop I am hopefully going to gain more experience this year.

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