Conventions found in music videos

After we had some choices for film locations we decided to look at the conventions of music video in more detail. We had a rough idea in what we wanted to create and how we wanted to create it. Looking at different types of music videos fitting in with our genre we found many conventions which tend to be followed by most videos. Seethers "Remedy" is a good example of the conventions used.

We found the following:
- There is often a narrative storyline to accompany shots of the band playing on a stage
- In the scenes of the narrative there is no, or very little, dialogue other than that of the miming of the lyrics
- Realistic locations to coincide with a realistic storyline/plot
- Variation on the locations used
- Variation on the shots/camer angles used
- The main transition was a cut to maintain a fast paced video or slow fades to retain a mellow feeling to an emotional song
- Lots of close-ups of the lead singer and band
- The beat of the music matched that of the cut

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