Possible Film Locations

In the planning stage the group felt it was necessary to take some photographs of where we would ideally like to film. We came up with a selection of locations and took this opportunity to take some photographs for our print work to be completed later. Our first image is one of the beach and we decided on using this as it gives a sense of isolation with the empty sea and the surroundings help to portray this.

Whilst at the beach we also took photographs of a cave. We plan to use the cave to signify that the singer has a weight on his shoulders as his relationship is becoming more complicated.

We agreed that a field would be a good place to film as the vast emptiness will help the audience understand that Warren is feeling isolated. We also believe that isolation is a major part of this video and try to portray it in as many ways as possible.

With the isolation theme running throughout our plan we believe a graveyard would be a suitable location to film as this not only continues the feeling of isolation but will also suit the music we wil be using.

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